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Range of Application

Our products can be found worldwide in a wide variety of industries.

Our experience:

  • Loading and unloading for trucks, wagons and ships
  • Mixing and measuring systems for bunker ships
  • Loading systems for liquids and gases
  • Airfield refueling
  • Measurement and management of tank farms incl. tax-free storage
  • Production, installation and operation of level measurement systems in tank farms and depots with data distribution via protected internet
  • Automatic detection of passing vehicles and railroad wagons, also in EX-areas
  • Control and measurement of production units for the manufacture of lubricants
  • Automatic fuel dispensers, fuel dispenser computers, accounting systems for fuel stations
  • Fleet management software
  • Unmanned points of sale of liquids such as gas stations or for agricultural products
  • Measurement and distribution of all types of liquids in the field of automotive garage
  • Measuring devices for quality control of liquid products
  • Measuring systems from small dosing to pipeline measurement
  • Production of ATEX certified measuring, control and regulation systems
  • Acceptance measurement and recording in the luxury food industry, fiscally relevant
  • Recipe management for mixing units and dispensing in the food industry

…and much more!

Questions about our products?
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